S.O.Hunts is committed to hunting and harvesting the older, mature big game animals that have reached their prime.  We hunt all big game species of the southwest and take pride in the effort we put into every hunt.  Our goal is to scout, hunt and take the biggest trophy game available in our area and build a hunting relationship with our clients that will last a lifetime.

The majority of our clients are repeat clients due to the effort that is invested in each individual hunt.  We honestly consider this to be our hunt as a team, not just a clientís hope of taking an animal and filling the tag.  Sure we want to fill the tag too, but not until we find what weíre looking for.  Sometimes itís tough to keep a hunter off the trigger, but weíve invested hundreds of hours scouting these areas and know the potential of whatís available.  When you hunt with us, expect the best possible trophy available.  We donít always kill the biggest and the best, but we do put our heart and soul into the pursuit of trophy big game.

I created S.O. Hunts after working with numerous outfitters in the southwest for 25+ years.  There are some really great outfitters in this area and there are some really poor ones.  My passion has always been to be in the hunt.  Iíve taken what Iíve learned throughout the years good and bad and put it to work with some of the best guides in the business.           

Tim Rawlings is one of those guides.  He and I have teamed up to provide the type of hunts that we'd pay to go on.  Tim has taken over 250 cougars from Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada.  Ranchers and landowners throughout these states contact Tim when they're experiencing depredation of livestock due to lions.  Tim has built a reputation on success.  In these tough economic times, who can afford to feed the cats?

All of the guides that have teamed up with us are hand selected and know these areas like their back yard.  We donít send guides with hunters to areas they donít know - that would make them just another hunter.  These guys are avid Bow, Muzzleloader and Rifle hunters that have spent countless hours hunting these areas on their own. Now they want to hunt with you.

Consider giving us a shot at your next trophy,

Best of hunting,

Shannon Owen
Owner, NM Hunts



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