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Lion Hunts

Come explore the Arizona/New Mexico Wilderness with us, in search of North America's ultimate predator - a trophy mountain lion. This experience will be the thrill of a lifetime.
Rate: 6 Day Package, $4200. 10 Day Package, $5500. (plus tag & license)



Elk Hunts

Most of our rifle Elk hunting takes place in Southwest New Mexico in units that consistently produce 320" to 370" class bulls. This hunt is a must for the hunter who dreams of B & C class bulls. Our guides have hunted these areas for years and spend countless hours locating and keeping track of trophy class bulls. This hunt takes place in early October when the bulls are still with the cows. It can get pretty intense when your guide calls in a monster bull to within bow range and you've got a rifle in your hands. These hunts are guided - two hunters per guide. The hunt can be upgraded to one-on-one for an additional fee of $1000.
  5 days, $3900 (plus license fee and taxes)

Muzzleloader hunting in New Mexico is very exciting especially when you catch the tail end of the rut. Our primitive weapons only units produce some of the largest bulls taken in the US. Chasing bugling bulls is a very exciting way to spend a week in the southwest. Our hunting methods include calling, spot & stalk, ground blinds & tree stands. Today's modern muzzleloaders are certainly capable of shots out to 200 yards depending on the shooters capability and knowledge of the gun. Your guide will do all he can to bring the animal within range, the rest is up to you. These hunts take place in all types of terrain from rolling hills covered in pinion and juniper trees to deep dark canyons and steep hill country. We go where the elk are. These hunts are guided two hunters per guide. The hunt can be upgraded to one on one for an additional fee of $1000.
  5 days, $3900. (plus license fee and taxes)

The archery elk hunts begin in early September and run throughout the month. We offer 6 and 9 day hunts. Most of these hunts take place in Southwest New Mexico in primitive weapons only areas. Our hunting techniques include calling, spot & stalk, tree stands and ground blinds. Your guide is very knowledgeable of the area in which you will be hunting and has located the water holes, wallows and trails that the elk are using. Most of our shooting is from 20 to 40 yards. Our guides are bow hunters themselves and are very familiar with the techniques required to bring the bulls in close. During September the elk are in full rut which makes for some great shot opportunities. These hunts are guided two hunters per guide and can be upgraded to one on one for an additional fee of $1000 depending on availability of personnel 6 days.
  6 days, $3800.  9 days, $4800. (plus license fee and taxes)


Oryx (Gemsbok), Persian Ibex, Aoudad (Barbary Sheep)

These three exotic species were introduced to New Mexico over 30 years ago. They have all done exceptionally well. The Oryx are on the White Sands Missile Range, and the Ibex are in the Florida Mountains of Southern New Mexico. The Aoudad are located in a vast area of south central New Mexico. Tags for Oryx, Ibex and Aoudad are issued on a drawing basis through the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish. The deadline to apply for Oryx is early February and Ibex and Aoudad is early April. The Oryx hunts are held from August through March. Aoudad hunts are held from the first of February through mid March and The Ibex hunts are held October through February. The Oryx hunts are in gently rolling country with not a lot of physical ability required. Several of our guides are employed on White Sands Missile Range and see the Oryx on a daily bases. Combined we have taken-over 80 Oryx with the top bull measuring just over 40". This is a great hunt opportunity for youth hunters as well as mobility impaired. The Ibex and Aoudad however, inhabit very rough terrain such as the Florida Mountains which are extremely rough and jagged requiring a lot of physical ability. These hunts are guided two hunters per guide.
We offer these hunts with archery, muzzleloader and rifle.
  Oryx -- 3 days - $1,500.  Ibex -- 7 Days - $3,800.  Aoudad -- 5 Day - $3,500.


Deer Hunts (Limited Entry)

We offer guided deer hunts in several of New Mexico's special limited entry deer areas for both mule deer & Coues whitetail. We offer two five day hunts in the mountains of Northwest New Mexico in Rio Arriba County that is world famous for producing large rocky mountain mule deer. We also offer two five day hunts in southwest New Mexico. Our five day Muzzleloader hunt gives the hunter an opportunity to harvest a mule deer in full velvet. Deer populations are not as high in the southwest region of the state, but the top end bucks are consistent with the quality that we strive for. These hunts may sometimes be conducted from horseback allowing the hunter to cover more of this open country while minimizing physical effort. These hunts offer the unique opportunity to hunt trophy class deer at a very reasonable rate. These hunts are guided two hunters per guide. Upgrade to one on one for an additional $1000. The drawing odds are very good in the outfitter pool.
The deadline to apply is mid-April in New Mexico

Date Varies:  Sept. -- Nov. (5 days)
Rate:  $2750

Dates:  Jan 1-15. (5 days)
Rate:  $2750

Dates:  Nov. - Dec. (2-3 days)
Rate:  $1900 (guided 1 on 1)
Youth hunters stay in motel with guardians and dine at their own expense.


Pronghorn Antelope

We offer some of the finest trophy antelope hunting available anywhere. The southwest produces pronghorn of superior trophy quality. We consistently enjoy 95-100% success. Since some of the antelope licenses in these premium areas are issued through a lottery drawing and 12% of those licenses are designated for non-resident outfitted hunters, a hunter has a good chance of drawing a public license. This is a very exciting way to spend a weekend in the southwest with lots of animals to choose from.
Price (plus license fee and taxes)

Our muzzleloader/archery hunt is a four day hunt in mid August in north central New Mexico. Hunters can expect to see and possibly harvest a Boone and Crockett head. This hunt is offered on a drawing basis with landowner permits available if unsuccessful in the drawing.
Rate: $2,200.

This two day hunt takes place the first weekend in October. We hunt some of the best trophy producing ranches in the southwest consistently producing 15" to 19" bucks with heavy mass and huge cutters. These hunts are on a landowner permit basis only, which are hand selected for superior quality. This hunt normally produces several Boone and Crockett heads per year.
Rate: $5,500. Price Includes land owner permit

This two day hunt takes place the last weekend in August. We strongly recommend this hunt for beginning hunters as well as family groups. This hunt consistently produces 13" to 16" antelope. This hunt is also sold on a guaranteed tag basis with the purchase of a land owner permit.
Rate: $2,200.

This three day hunt in early August allows the disabled hunter access to virtually untapped antelope populations. For this reason, we have consistently produced Boone and Crockett antelope for our clients with 95 - 100% success rate. (Guided 1 on 1) Hunters stay in motel and dine at their own expense. Rate: $1,950.


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